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Fun bee video

Last weekend i picked up another nuc (the first didn’t have a queen and i’m too inexperienced/not confident enough to introduce a queen right) and installed them into our hive. i wasn’t able to find the queen in there (after 2 passes through each frame!) but i did make this video:

Saying and doing

At work, i’ve been experiencing some hard drive issues in my main computer that i use for programming. So i spent a couple days trying to figure out what’s wrong and what i should do to fix it.

Turns out i’ve misunderstood the way my computer has been working. i thought that Windows was running on my “blazing fast” hard drive (my SSD) but instead it was running on my much slower, much older (7 years old at this point?) hard drive. Fortunately, this has only been the case since i switched to Windows 10 at work (September/October 2015?), at which point i made a lot of sweeping computer changes.

i’ve been running around the office for years telling my co-workers that they’re wasting their time running their operating system on slower hard drives and that once they switch to a solid-state drive, they’ll never go back, yet i have not been doing that!

This whole incident has been a reminder that even though what i have been saying has been correct, that doesn’t mean i’ve been doing it.

Poverty is Expensive

You will never know how much it costs us to keep that saint, that wonderful old man, in poverty!

-Sarojini Naidu. In Gandhi, a memoir. by William Shirer. Pg. 45

i can only assume the same thing was said of Jesus!

A tough reality confronted when programming

Yesterday i spent almost the entire day debugging an issue in TopView where there was some inefficient looping. The issue was caused by my (and Dane’s) misunderstanding of when ListViews fire their ItemChecked events. Hint: it’s not when you’d think :wink:.

The rub is that i spent most of the day on learning some very arcane knowledge about Windows Forms. i assume that eventually Windows Forms support will end and we’ll have to transition to WPF and my arcane knowledge will be mostly useless.

i know i’ve learned a lot of transferable knowledge while debugging this issue, but it’s sad to have so much knowledge about something that will pass away and be forgotten (and it probably should be forgotten).

Programming is exciting and fun for me, but sometimes, this is what it’s like.

nothing to say

How the hell can a person go to work in the morning
And come home in the evening and have nothing to say

i don’t know John Prine. Sadly, i do that a lot :frowning: